A Life Well Lived

Bruce Litton Honors the Life of Karsyn Bell4/15/2009

United Trailers Dealer Displays Special Decal on Race Car

The 2007 IHRA Top Fuel World Champion, Bruce Litton, is quite an intimidating presence when behind the wheel of his 300+ mph dragster. But when the helmet comes off, it’s a different story. Bruce’s big heart shines through his welcoming smile to everyone he meets. Starting at the upcoming Spring Nationals in Rockingham, N.C. Bruce’s big heart will shine through his Lucas Oil dragster as well, as it displays a decal commemorating the life of a very special individual.Karsyn Bell only graced this earth for four years, but her impact was widely felt in her short time. The daughter of Brad and Anne Bell of Bristol, Ind., Karsyn was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor when she was only two and a half years old.She fearlessly fought a long battle and won many victories, but on January 23, 2009 she passed from this life, leaving behind a lasting legacy that lives on in the memories of all who knew her.Her story is filled with unimaginable pain and grief but is laced with a grace and strength so incredible that it continues to stretch way beyond her four year old frame to touch the lives of all who knew her and even many others who didn’t.The love Karsyn’s parents have for her is evident in every word they speak of her. Karsyn loved generously, and her enormous heart endeared her to many. Her father, Brad, gives due credit to her life well lived:“Karsyn lived by four basic principles: her love for God, her love for life, her love for her family and her love for her friends. She took pride in getting to know people and making new friends and most of her family and friends did not know that each and every night before bed she would say her prayers and ask for special blessings for all of her family and friends. She would name everyone in her prayer. After a while her bed time prayers would get lengthy but it was important to her. Anne and I were always amazed as to the depth of her caring for others, especially for her little sister Kami. Karsyn and Kami were not only sisters but best friends. Karsyn would take special care of her sister, and Karsyn instilled into her love for learning, saying her prayers and reading. Karsyn had a wonderful gift of making you feel like you were an important person to her. I have never been shown love from someone like I have been shown from Karsyn. She taught me how to be a dad. She taught me how to be slow to anger and to love nature, and through her Anne and I have a restored faith in our fellow man. I, personally, have not known a four year old girl to touch so many lives in such a short time.”It’s no wonder that Bruce Litton has chosen to honor such a life. It’s no wonder that Karsyn is incredibly missed. And it’s no wonder that she blessed so many lives in her short time.

“I remember when Brad and Anne were expecting Karsyn,” tells Litton. “I’ve known the family for quite some time. Karsyn was very special girl. I really want to honor her life. This has nothing to do with racing. This has nothing to do with sports. This has to do with lives. Every one of us is connected to a child in some way. These children are our future. That makes a soft spot in anybody’s heart. If you have a child that’s healthy, then you’re blessed. I’d like to see Riley Hospital for Children gain support so that someday when someone does need help it will be there for them with all the modern technology and the best doctors available to take care of these kids. You never know when it may be a child of your own.”

The decal commemorating Karsyn’s life will also promote Riley Hospital for Children, where Karsyn underwent both brain surgeries.