2019 PRI Trade Show – Expanded Floor Plan

For the first time ever, the PRI Trade Show will feature exhibits and products directly on the Lucas Oil Stadium field. Connected to the Indiana Convention Center and easily accessible from the parking lot, this new-for-2019 area allows for an expanded trailer display alongside the Show’s popular Featured Products Showcase.

The allocation of additional space comes after PRI management moved all trailer displays indoors for the 2018 Show—a decision praised by exhibitors and attendees alike.

“Because Lucas Oil Stadium is connected and easy to get to from the Convention Center, it’s the ideal place for our trailer exhibits,” said PRI Trade Show Director Karin Davidson. “We saw great success from moving the trailers indoors and moving to the field this year will give companies in this essential market segment a larger area to display their products and conduct business.

The new exhibit area will continue to allow trailer exhibitors to showcase their product lineups alongside their booths and give attendees some of the best side-by-side shopping of race trailers, motorcoaches, haulers, and toterhomes.

“Attendees will now get an up-close look at a greater number and variety of transportation options,” said Davidson. “They can easily compare available features and meet with more company representatives in one location.

This year’s PRI Trade Show, held December 12-14 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, will feature over 1,100 companies exhibiting in more than 3,300 booths and showcasing the latest products, services, machinery, simulation and testing technologies, and trailers for the racing industry in a single location.

Now in its 32nd year, PRI encompasses all forms of racing and attracts attendees from all 50 states and over 70 countries, including professional race teams, retail shops, warehouse distributors, engine builders, fabricators, dealers, installers, jobbers and media.

Numerous conferences and seminars, among them the Race Track Business Conference and International Council of Motorsport Sciences’ Annual Congress, offer unlimited business opportunities and provide invaluable insight on the latest technologies and how to apply them throughout the racing world.

Known as Race Industry Week, the days leading up to and including the Show will offer a range of motorsports-related activities in and around the Indiana Convention Center beginning on Monday, December 9

To register for the 2019 PRI Trade Show, secure hotel reservations, and sign up for free business seminars, log on to prishow.com.