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LED Lights are STANDARD at United Trailers

Beginning in February 2015, all trailers manufactured by United Trailers will come standard with exterior LED Lighting.  “LED lighting is growing in popularity because of safety issues” states company president Todd Bontrager.  Benefits of LED lighting on your United Trailers includes;

  • LED lamps last longer because they withstand road vibration and shock much more effectively than bulbs.
  • The life expectancy of an LED is 100,000 hours or six times that of an average incandescent bulb.
  • Besides the longevity, LED lamps consume significantly less power than incandescent lights. The amp draw of an LED can be as low as 1/10th that of an incandescent light. The lower amp draw means more power for other critical electrical needs.
  • A study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that LED lamps respond on an average 2/10th of a second faster than standard incandescent lamps. Using test results at 65 mph, LEDs improved reaction time and decreased braking distance by 16 feet.